Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in connecting with me! I'm humbled if you are considering me to be your Pinterest strategist and a helping hand.

I'm passionate about my clients, and my goal is to understand your business and niche and make it shine brighter on Pinterest. That's why I want to know your business inside out in order to provide the best service for you. 

I'll get excited when I meet people who are not afraid to dream big - who are not afraid to go after their wildest dreams and make it happen!

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Is this you?

Your business is special to you and you are not afraid to think outside the box. You know that online marketing is your future asset and you want to prioritise it on your marketing strategy.

Pinterest might be a new tool for you but you have heard only good things about it. It can drive traffic, help you to make more sales, raise your brand awareness, and develop brand ambassadors. You want to have it in your toolbox.

I can help you to make an effective Pinterest strategy or teach you how to use your Pinterest account to gain more traffic and new leads.

I can also help you with pinning right content, to be found on Pinterest (and Google too!) and presenting your brand in a coherent way.

I use only organic and authentic ways to grow your Pinterest following and can help you to engage with your followers the most simple but powerful ways. 



I have helped companies, entrepreneurs and bloggers in many fields of business but my main interest and knowledge lies in these niches:

  • fashion
  • travel
  • blogging
  • social media
  • creative business
  • beauty, hair
  • health, wellness
  • lifestyle
  • weddings, events
  • home decor, interior
  • food




You can find me most certainly on Instagram and Pinterest. Those are the places where I'll hang out the most. Come and say Hi! to me. 

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37800 Akaa, Finland