50 holiday pinning keywords for Pinterest marketing!

Pinterest for business tips! 50+ best keywords for your holiday pinning. Increase your site's engagement with the most searched Pinterest keywords related to holidays. Visit www.nellaino.com to download the free keyword list!
50 best keywords for Pinterest holidays. More traffic and engagement with these keywords that are the most searched ones on Pinterest. Visit www.nellaino.com to download the free keyword list!
Increase your site's engagement with the most searched Pinterest keywords related to holidays. Visit www.nellaino.com to download the free keyword list!



I love holiday pinning and everything related to it! The planning, shopping, and gathering DIY ideas is what I love the most. Now it's the uttermost time to do some keyword searches and plan your holiday pinning strategy. Begin your holiday pinning by gathering inspiring ideas and creating seasonal boards.


Your boards should be full of inspiration:

  • ideas for holiday crafting
  • how to decorate your house for long weekends
  • easiest DIY gifts tutorials
  • best Christmas recipes
  • how to keep children happy during the holidays
  • party outfits
  • etc


I have already dreamed about the upcoming winter parties that we will be hosting, explored some new drink and food recipes, planned what DIY gifts I'll make, and even brainstormed new Christmas recipes!


All that with the help of my seasonal Pinterest boards. I say big and bold YES to all that planning.


You should plan your boards immediately after you've read my holiday pinning keyword tips!

"Holiday party planning starts on Pinterest, which has helped make holiday decor and food and drink two of our largest categories. We’ve already seen a ton of growth in the category this year, and the holiday season is just ramping up!"

-  from Pinterest blog

It might sound crazy but believe me, some people have started to look for Christmas ideas as early as August! But there are also many who are starting just right now.




Holidays and long weekends are usually extra special to all who blog and do internet marketing.


Are you ready? Is your blog ready? Have you made your Pinterest account ready?


Pinterest has found hot topics that pinners are already searching during this holiday season.


Here are just a few interesting topics:

  • Mexican hot chocolate
  • Decorating your porch
  • Cookie exchanges
  • Rustic Christmas


In addition to hot topics, you should concentrate on holiday themes that are always there, each and every year!




It's October and HALLOWEEN is coming shortly. It's pretty obvious that all posts, pins and photos related to Halloween are really popular at the moment.


Suggested keywords to be used: Halloween party, pumpkin, recipes, healthy, crafts, DIY, costumes, drinks, decorations, food, party, makeup, treats, tricks, ideas, printables, games, snacks

Halloween set by Anna Kozlenko from Creative Market


During October and November people are searching everything related to THANKSGIVING on Pinterest. Pumpkin Spiced Latte, anyone?


Suggested keywords: Thanksgiving recipes, tablescapes, decoration, crafts, DIYs, kid's activities, dinner parties, turkey, appetizers, games, food, drinks, printables, dinner, stuffing, menu, traditions, vegan, pumpkin pie, pumpkin


A great topic to start pinning is everything related to FALL and AUTUMN. Pin anything cozy and warm to comfort your followers.


People love to snuggle up and dream about fireplaces and hot cocoa while wrapped up in a cozy blanket. Evoke those emotions with homey pins!


Suggested keywords: pumpkin, caramel, apples, comfort food, fall activities for kids, decorations, ideas, DIY, wreaths, fall porch decoration, cozy

Black Friday Flyer by kotoffei from Creative Market


Hey all internet marketers - you cannot miss BLACK FRIDAY! Absolutely not! It's one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. And if you're an affiliate marketer it's your golden day.


Start preparing your posts and pins early, so that you're really ready for hussle and buzzle during the Black Friday weekend.


Suggested keywords: Black Friday sale, discount, hacks, ideas, deals, shopping, tips, quotes, funny, design


After Black Friday comes CYBER MONDAY.


Online shopping and deals continue the whole weekend. Be prepared! Create lots of pins to drive traffic to your site and offers. Create lots of pins to drive traffic to your site and offers.


Suggested keywords: Cyber Monday sale, discount, hacks, ideas, deals, shopping, tips, email, design, newsletter, marketing

Pinterest for business keywords for your holiday pinning! Visit www.nellaino.com for more info!

CHRISTMAS & WINTER HOLIDAY - they are here pretty soon too!


Suggested keywords: Christmas decor, DIY, gifts, x-mas, recipes, crafts, DIY gifts, dinner, menu, drinks, food, desserts, cookies, decorations, baking, cards, cupcakes, quotes, tree, traditions, cinnamon, cranberry, cocoa, peppermint, gingerbread, egg nog


Don't forget winter weddings which are one big topic on Pinterest!


When this year is coming to an end within few months, start creating posts and pins related to NEW YEAR, New Year's Eve party & recipes, hot drinks, party decorations, outfits, and engagements. 


Create pins, blog posts and boards including seasonal keywords into them.

Use my keyword list as they are the most searched Pinterest keywords related to holidays.

Don't forget to include your keywords also to your image alt texts!






When you have created seasonal Pinterest boards, take care of them too. Your boards have to have content and you should provide it consistently.

Don't just create a seasonal board and forget about it!


Pinterest has already noticed a lot of growth in holiday category so use that growth to your advantage and drive traffic to your site with seasonal content. When the holiday season is over move your seasonal Pinterest boards to the bottom of your board list. Start updating them at least 3 months before the next holiday is coming.


*This blog post contains affiliate links (Creative Market).

50 Holiday Pinning Keywords to master your Pinterest! Start holiday pinning and use these effective keywords in your pins to drive traffic to your products and services. Visit to read more: www.nellaino.com