10 Blogs which will help you make Instagram Marketing a Breeze!

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Instagram Marketing and Pinterest

I'm a Pinterest strategist, marketer, and influencer. That's no news to you. But do you know that I also love Instagram?

Both of the platforms are highly visual but they function a bit differently.

Instagram needs engagement in order to get you results. Pinterest, on the other hand, is not so much about engagement but instead excellent content and ways to optimize it.

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Do you know if your target audience is in both places - on Pinterest AND on Instagram? 


I know mine is! That's why I asked a virtual assistant Pam Scerri to find the best blogs for Instagram marketing and write about them, and here they are:


Instagram marketing best tips and blogs

Hello Millennials! This is it the age where our life revolves around social media, and social networking is the way forward. Everyone wants to be continuously out there, and it does not matter who one is, or what type of niche they attract there is space for everyone and the buzz about trying new things, going to new places, finding new experiences is ever growing.

Instagram has been around for a few years and it basically started together with everyone’s obsession with taking photos and posting on social media. It started in 2010 with about 200 million followers which have now grown to 700 million!

Instagram focuses on visual sharing and that is why it is the perfect app for uploading and sharing both photos and videos. Not to mention that it also gained its popularity from its picture editing functionality which is constantly improving.

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Instagram marketing for businesses

Apart from personal use, Instagram is also very popular when it comes to marketing your business. This can be a very useful marketing tool towards achieving success in your business. However, as with everything else, one must learn and understand how to use it appropriately for it to be effective.

So, we have picked up the top 10 blogs around, which will help you do just this.

They show you how to start, what to post, how to hashtag, increase your followers, and basically all the tips and tricks you need to know for your Instagram be successful.

Enjoy and start learning Instagram marketing!


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I hope that you find the above useful in jour Instagram journey!





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