5 easy steps to create huge Pinterest exposure to your business




I bet you have wondered how to get so huge Pinterest exposure that it will start driving traffic to your site.


Maybe you've tried some Pinterest tactics but nothing seems to work.

You think that you know how to set up your Pinterest account.

You've done it already. You have boards with fun names and pins with great photos.

You've done everything but nothing works.


Many people that I've helped previously have thought those exact same thoughts. But...when I've taken a closer look at their Pinterest account, I pretty quickly realized that their Pinterest account setup has not been optimal for huge Pinterest exposure.

It is NOT enough that you have written something quirky to your bio or named your boards with funny, creative names.

It is not enough that you have taken pretty photos or used stock photos, and uploade them to your Pinterest boards.


You need to strategically optimize your Pinterest account for SEO, so that you'll start using keywords everywhere on your Pinterest account.


This should be your number one goal when you create your Pinterest account. And also when you create your pins and boards.


Pinterest account optimization is the most important thing (and the FIRST one) to do when you start using your Pinterest account strategically.


You need to optimize everything you can because it will eventually give you enormous Pinterest exposure over other pinners who don't know optimization secrets or are too lazy to use them.


These tips are really simple. You just need to take action and DO them!


However, prerequisites for these tips are that you have already verified your website and started to use rich pins on Pinterest.






Figure out your main keywords.

What are the keywords that you want to be found on Pinterest? Or on Google?

If you don't know them yet, use Pinterest guided search feature to find out the best keywords for your niche.

How to find keywords on Pinterest.


You can also check via Google AdWords Keyword Planner how your keywords are working on Google. It will also tell you ideas for other highly searched keywords or phrases that are related to your keyword.


In addition, one really easy way to figure out your keywords is to use Google's predictive text. It tells you what word combinations have been searched on Google when you search for your keyword/keywords.

Google search for huge Pinterest exposure.
Learn how to find best keywords for Pinterest. Read the whole blog from www.nellaino.com #pinterestmarketing #pinterestkeywords



Start optimizing your Pinterest account.

This is the hardest part but so worth it. So, do NOT skip this!

Use your main keyword(s) in your Pinterest profile. Your profile should be readable, so don't overuse your keywords.

Put your keywords to your profile name, your business name, your account description and also to your board and pin descriptions.



Optimize your website and blog for Pinterest exposure.

Add Pinterest buttons to your website to help people pin your content. That way you make it easier to share your worthy content.

Use vertical images on your blog posts and remember to include keywords to your photo, and also to your photo's ALT text. However, remember that alt text is aimed for exactly describing what the photo is about.

Too often, I see blogs and websites that don't have any Pinterest optimized photos on their site.

Their content can be very good or even great but I don't want to pin it because it will not get attention on Pinterest.

So stop using only horizontal images on your site!



Pin consistently. Create and pin quality content with catchy headlines.

Use content curation when you are repinning content. Remember your aesthetics and what kind of things your audience would like to see.

Keep in mind that viral and successful content on Pinterest is mostly evergreen.

Learn to find popular pins and pinners in your own niche and start following and repinning them.


Do You know if your headline is catchy enough?

You can test your headlines for example with CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer.


If you want to know other tools that I use to manage my Pinterest account and to create content, join my Pinterest tribe, and download my Pinterest resource guide which has over 50 different tools! There are many tools that I use DAILY!





The last step is optional but I recommend it if you really want to be seen on Pinterest.

When you are repinning others' content, include your best keyword to pin description if it will suit for the content.

You have a possibility to change the description in each pin that you repin from others. If you want to master certain keywords and be number one option when someone searches that particular keyword, you should follow this advice.

I know that many people don't do this because it is too much work.


You don't have to add your keywords to every pin description that you repin but choose the ones that are most related to your own business. The repins should also have some connection to your keywords that you want to be known for if you are adding your best keyword to the pin description.


Do not add the repin's description or keywords if you cannot easily write something valuable which will be relevant to your own business and the used keywords.


My advice is also not to write spammy pin descriptions just to make your boards or pins number one when people are searching certain keywords on Pinterest. You can be number one without being spammy.




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Read also my 5 tips on for great Pinterest strategy.


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