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The number one Pinterest scheduling tool, and now you can use it also to schedule Instagram.


If you need both beautiful, and easy to use email system look no further —> Flodesk. I changed my ConvertKit account to Flodesk, and have not regretted it. If you use my affiliate link, you’ll get 50 % off from your subscription.


How could I have lived without it so long? You can plan your life with Trello.

Google Drive

I use Google drive daily and share my documents via it. I love to use it with my clients!


Beautiful and really easy platform to have a website. No coding needed.


I upload my photos to Dropbox and use it as a backup. I also have my Instagram photos there so that I can easily post them to my Insta account.


The absolutely BEST web hosting! The help that I've received via their chat has been tremendous!


I don't want to think about the time before Dubsado. It's the most flexible CRM - Business Management Suite ever. Use the link or code "Nellaino" to get 20 % off from your first month or year plan!  

Tasty Pins*

Really great tool for all WordPress users! Now you can optimize your content to both Pinterest and Google! Highly recommended! 


When I found out about Cyfe I fell in love immediately! It is perfect if you're managing social media accounts or want to really follow through your website traffic or other cool things. You can basically monitor anything. Big plus that it's easy to use and you can start for free!


I'll invoice my clients via Paypal and it has been working well for me. PayPal.Me is pretty handy!


The best tool to create, edit and share your computer screen recording. You can create recordings up to 15 minutes for free!



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Fonts                 Creative Market*

Stock photos      My own shop

* Some of the links above are affiliate links. However, I would not recommend them if I didn't use them myself!


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