Colour trends for spring 2016




One of my favourite thing to do on internet is to find trending things whether they are related to wedding styling, flowers, fashion, home design or colors. As you know my love for Pinterest, you probably guessed that I'm using it a lot also for trend spotting.


Besides using Pinterest for trend inspiration, I also "collect" magazines (oh yeah, my husband loves that hobby of mine ;-)) and anything else I could find (like pieces of fabric, stones, wood and other small pieces of texture) that will evoke my senses.


I was so happy when Natural Color System (NCS) send me their Colour Trends 2016+ color cards. Those colour inspiration cards really helped me to find my personal trend colours for spring 2016.


Muted colors and especially a muted blue has been my favourite colour already for some time. I was excited when I noticed that it will be a hot colour also in the upcoming spring!

Trend colors for spring 2016


Colour Trends 2016+ cards contain 4 different color palettes and explanations of them. The one which made my heart really beat was the raw and atmospheric one. There's this muted greyish blue which is my absolute favourite!


Trend colors for spring 2016
Trend colors for spring 2016

In raw & atmospheric we see an increased rawness in the industrial direction as the settings are getting more rustic, with aging surfaces, rusty metals and raw materials.

Trend colors for spring 2016

The organic and manmade in this trend is simply a result of the increased consciousness for preservation of our natural resources.

Trend colors for spring 2016

By combining rawness with the organic and handmade elements, this trend combines both heaviness and weightlessness with an exciting new twist.

Trend colors for spring 2016
Trend colors for spring 2016


Have you ever heard of the psychology of colours? It's a theory that marketers use when trying to make consumers feel in a certain way while seeing an ad. Blue usually represents tranquility, calmness, loyalty, trust and intelligence.  If you want to check what your favourite color represents, you can start with this great infographic of color theory.


Trend colors for spring 2016
Trend colors for spring 2016


Wanna see more of spring colour trends and follow upcoming colour trends? I suggest following a blog called Eclectic Trends. You will find all those 4 spring 2016 colour trends explained on the blog. There's also all kinds of moodboard inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.


Trend colors for spring 2016

Lastly, I found out that my color for this year 2016 based on my zodiac sign is charcoal grey. I think it may be true. What's yours?


Have a great weekend!

Product styling ideas for your business


A strong and coherent visual brand can help you attract your dream clients. It will also make people to gasp their breath with amusement while browsing your website. It is not always easy to create a branded style which also will be consistent throughout your social media channels.


Your visual story should reflect your brand's identity and show where are you from and where are you heading to with your story. Have you ever thought what is the mood that you want your brand to reflect? How your clients should feel when they enter into your website or blog?

Happy? Romantic? Nostalgic? Enthusiastic? Energized? Cozy?

Styling and using styled images in your website and/or blog that reflects your brand will definitely bring you more clients that share your values and views about your products and services.


I created quickly (it took me 30 minutes to made all these setups and photograph them) couple of different styled images that all contained chocolate. I used *Levy Chocolate's chocolate in these setups. I used only flat lays and styled them mainly on white background.

Levy Chocolate is a Finnish bean-to-bar chocolate brand who makes their chocolate in Helsinki. They are real handcrafters.

First one which I created is a setup for a foodie lover...the chocolate is used in cooking, baking and other food making. The foodie loves gatherings, friends and reading.

Product styling ideas for your business by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino

Second one is for a vintage lover...the chocolate accompanies the vintage lover when browsing through old keepsakes. In order to really have that old, rustic, vintage mood I should have had other than pure white background.


Third one is for a modern social media junkie who likes to follow trends. This hipster always finds the most interesting new designers, products, restaurants and places to go.

Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino
Product styling by Nellaino

These were very simple and minimalistic setups and took only few minutes to make and photograph. It's a great exercise if you do not know your own brand style or voice yet. Just experiment and see what feels right for you and your values.


If you liked these, you should check my Instagram bundle of over 20 square photos which you can purchase from my Image shop.


* There is no other connection to Levy Chocolate than that I just used their chocolate which I've bought myself. So, this is not a paid advertisement.

Do you make Holiday wreaths?



Holiday wreaths, they are my ultimate favorite things in order to make our home smell good and also to make our house look cozy and festive. This is the first year when I made them by myself. Usually, I go to local vendors and buy their beautiful twig wreaths. That has been the easiest way to start a holiday and get into the Christmas mood.


This year I've seen so many DIYs and instructions how to do wreaths that I thought I'd had to try it by myself. Our basement has an excellent space to do a different kind of crafts but the lighting there is very poor. I think I should start doing more of these DIYs in the future. It's really fun to make something with your own hands. And it's not that hard when you are not trying to be a perfectionist.

Imperfection is beautiful!

PetraVeikkola_holiday wreath (1 of 1)

I ordered some mistletoe and eucalyptus from a local florist and foraged other greenery from our garden and trees. I also asked my husband to cut off big branches of our pine trees and spruces. I will put those branches on the table during Christmas dinner to give some great forest smell and earthy feeling to our tablescape.


I also bought some really cheap rattan (?) wreaths and just started to tucked it with eucalyptus. I really didn't have any particular order or way to do it. I just used my creativity and played with the materials that I've foraged. My wreaths are a bit asymmetrical and imperfect but I like them that way. Besides, they smell divine!


As holiday wreath making is so easy, this is not a DIY post. However, if you'd like to dive into specific instructions how to make a wreath, I found a great site for that (with images!). Just click to see  a beautiful wreath in making.


You can see a peek of our mirror wall also in the pictures. It's one of my favorite corners in our living area.

PetraVeikkola_holiday wreath
Holiday wreaths by Nellaino

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Enjoy your time with the closest ones!

Weekend tablesetting - simple and earthy




Friday is a great day for doing some experiment with possible weekend tablesetting.


We usually have a bit formal (not dress-up kind of formal but relaxed formal) dinner on Saturday. It is nice to have some thoughts beforehand how to set up the table. During the weekdays we hardly even eat together so weekends are our special eating time.


The weekend tablesetting that I made resonates pretty much my thoughts right now...simple and earthy. I love simplicity in almost every form of it - in interior design, fashion, beauty, styling.


I wanted to have something with muted, earthy tones and I chose Silk & Willow's silk napkins and table linen to add also some texture.

All the dried flowers I picked from our backyard. And you also need some hyacinths as it is already December!

The old crystal wine glasses are a keepsake from my grandparents. The ceramic water carafe is one of my recent flea market find. Tableware is from Iittala and flatware is from Ikea, chic and cheap. I also used our old wooden French cutting board to add texture and to be used as a serving plate.


Italian olive oil together with balsamico (which we are running out at the moment!) belongs to our table in every meal. Some dark bread and we are almost ready. Except, I have to figure out what we are going to cook on Saturday. Have to flip through some cook books, I guess. Hih!


I wish you a delicious weekend!

Organic tablesetting by
Tablesetting via
Muted tones, Photo from Nellaino
Table setting of Nellaino
Food photography via Nellaino
Bread by Nellaino
Hyacinth on the table
Olive oil and water, tablesetting from Nellaino
Details by Nellaino
Dining room via Nellaino
Scandinavian tablesetting
It's delicate via Nellaino

5 simple basic food styling tips



I had a relaxing weekend


I hope you did too!

While photographing my minimalistic lunch which was gathered from the weekend's leftovers, I started to think about 5 simple basic food styling tips that I would like to share with you.


I love creating quick and easy lunch and that is why I also like simple food styling.


Making of that simple lunch setup shown in the photo above took me about 10 minutes at maximum. Some toast, goat cheese, sage pesto, prosciutto, fresh herbs and grapes. Simple and very easy!


We had a ready-made berry smoothie in our fridge so that was an obvious choice to include also into my lunch.


I photographed my lunch on top of our big wooden dining table and added just one prop - a wooden cutting board. I also used the board as my plate when I actually ate the toasts.


I don't photograph food so much but I have some basic food styling tips that might help you when starting out.


Here are 5 of my top simple basic tips for food styling:

  1. Make small portions - it's more simple and appealing if your serving is minimalistic, use small plates and bowls

  2. Simplify - make the food main thing in your image, choose simple, neutral colour flatware and other props so that your food gets the attention it deserves

  3. Be messy - make your food look like natural by being a bit messy while styling your dish, everything doesn't need to be in place and perfect

  4. Create texture - some texture in your food image will make it more interesting, create texture by using props or adding elements like herbs casually placed on your dish

  5. Tell a story - think about a story behind your food and the props you are using, they should not be meaningless!


Have an energising start for your week!

SIMPLE FOOD STYLING by Nellaino #foodstyling