YOUR PIN STATS - How to use them to improve your Pinterest marketing


Pinterest has created a new feature which is called your pin stats. Some of you may already have it and some may not. Pin stats are only applicable to those who already have a Pinterest business account. If you don't have it yet, read my first Pinterest basics blog post about how to change your personal Pinterest account to a business one.


I always get so excited when Pinterest creates new features - even though I'm not always completely happy about their changes. This time I really like the new pin stats. 


You will find your pin stats on the bottom right-hand corner of each of the pin that you've pinned to your boards. Those stats are showing only to you so no-one else cannot see them. 

This pin has 97 engagements.

This pin has 97 engagements.


I've noticed that your pin stats are not showing to you right away but you'll have to wait around 1 - 2 days from the moment of pinning until you'll start to see the stats. 


The number showing on the bottom of your pin means how much engagement your pin has received on Pinterest. To be able to see the more detailed numbers of your pin's engagement - click the chart icon on the bottom of the pin.


You are no longer seeing any aggregate pin saves numbers that you used to see on each pin but instead engagement numbers. 




Your detailed pin stats are showing 3 factors related to how your pin has performed on Pinterest:


This pin has closeups the most, and only 7 clicks to the website. It seems that this pin's appearance, wording etc. has caught some pinners' eye but they are either not interested in traffic boost at the moment or they wanted to save the pin for later reading.

This pin has closeups the most, and only 7 clicks to the website. It seems that this pin's appearance, wording etc. has caught some pinners' eye but they are either not interested in traffic boost at the moment or they wanted to save the pin for later reading.



Your pin appearance number tells you how many times your pin has been displayed on Pinterest. According to Pinterest, your pin appearance number shows the number of total appearances that your original pin has had on Pinterest. 



This is pretty self-explanatory. Your pin stats shows also the date when you have originally pinned that particular pin to your boards.

This info is great to have as you can check if the seasonality has any impact on your pins or how older pins are doing compared to your newer pins. You can also follow up your pin's lifelong effectiveness when you know the date when it has originally pinned to Pinterest.



Your pin's engagement number tells you how your pin is performing overall on Pinterest. The number combines all closeups, clicks, and saves of your pin. The number tells you how much Pinterest users like your content and how compelling it is to your audience.


  • CLOSEUPS (a person taps the pin for a closer look): if your pin has lots of closeups it indicates that your pin has caught other pinners' eyes, and it is compelling to them. Maybe you have used really beautiful images to create it, you use effective colors on your pin (like red and orange) or your pin description is really detailed, and that's why it attracts people to take a closer look.


  • CLICKS (visits to the website): if you got lots of clicks it means that the product or service that you're offering is really interesting to Pinterest users. They have clicked your pin and visited your website to find more info. They are most probably interested in your offering. This stat is my favourite as you can so easily see how your pin will drive traffic from Pinterest to your website! 


  • SAVES (saves to boards): if you got lots of saves to your pin it means that pinners are liking your content and they are planning to return to your pin. Remember that the older your pin is the more saves it will usually get. This number is important as it will increase your overall impression number. 





According to Pinterest, the most effective way to get more impressions on Pinterest is to promote your pins. That's of course true! But what if you're not willing to pay for pin promotion?


Instead of promoted pins, you should try to create pins that are so interesting, funny, informative, beautiful, actionable and keyword rich that they will get impressions even without paid promotion on Pinterest.


Here are my 5 tips to improve your Pin engagement:


1. Create pins that have multiple images on them, show multiple products together to gain more clicks to your website. Pins with multiple products will interest more people than if you are just showing one product which will be suitable for smaller amount of people.


2. Create pins that have a single product/service in a realistic setting on the pin photo. That kind of lifestyle photos will increase your pin stat's closeups and saves numbers because people are interested in seeing your product in action/in real life situation. Remember to use vertical images with the image ratio of 2:3 to gain attention.


3. Create 2 - 4 different pins for one blog post and experiment which of the pins will perform the best. Experiment with different catchy headlines and text overlays on your pins.  Try to copy the elements that made your best pin popular also to your next pin for more engagement.


4. Create coherent pins to grow your brand awareness and get more closeups. Use your brand colors and fonts when you're creating your pins. You can create a pin template on Canva and use it every time you create new pins. It will save your time, too! 


5. If you want more clicks to your pin, create a pin that has a solution to a problem, and by clicking the pin the audience can see/read about that solution. Remember to leave a room for some mystery also. People should be curious about your pin and what that solution might be.


I hope you like the new pin stats feature on Pinterest, and start utilizing it too. 

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