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5 simple basic food styling tips



I had a relaxing weekend


I hope you did too!

While photographing my minimalistic lunch which was gathered from the weekend's leftovers, I started to think about 5 simple basic food styling tips that I would like to share with you.


I love creating quick and easy lunch and that is why I also like simple food styling.


Making of that simple lunch setup shown in the photo above took me about 10 minutes at maximum. Some toast, goat cheese, sage pesto, prosciutto, fresh herbs and grapes. Simple and very easy!


We had a ready-made berry smoothie in our fridge so that was an obvious choice to include also into my lunch.


I photographed my lunch on top of our big wooden dining table and added just one prop - a wooden cutting board. I also used the board as my plate when I actually ate the toasts.


I don't photograph food so much but I have some basic food styling tips that might help you when starting out.


Here are 5 of my top simple basic tips for food styling:

  1. Make small portions - it's more simple and appealing if your serving is minimalistic, use small plates and bowls

  2. Simplify - make the food main thing in your image, choose simple, neutral colour flatware and other props so that your food gets the attention it deserves

  3. Be messy - make your food look like natural by being a bit messy while styling your dish, everything doesn't need to be in place and perfect

  4. Create texture - some texture in your food image will make it more interesting, create texture by using props or adding elements like herbs casually placed on your dish

  5. Tell a story - think about a story behind your food and the props you are using, they should not be meaningless!


Have an energising start for your week!

SIMPLE FOOD STYLING by Nellaino #foodstyling