how to use Pinterest for a business

UPDATED FOR 2018! - 50 holiday pinning keywords for Pinterest marketing!

I love holiday pinning and everything related to it! The planning, shopping, and gathering DIY ideas is what I love the most. Now it's the uttermost time to do some keyword searches and plan your holiday pinning strategy. Begin your holiday pinning by gathering inspiring ideas and creating seasonal boards.

5 easy steps to create huge Pinterest exposure to your business

Pinterest account optimization is the most important thing (and the FIRST one) to do when you start using your Pinterest account strategically.

You need to optimize everything you can because it will eventually give you enormous Pinterest exposure over other pinners who don't know optimization secrets or are too lazy to use them.

5 key Pinterest strategies for businesses

Pinterest strategies can be pretty simple on paper. However, the implementation of those strategies and tactics may not be so simple. When using Pinterest for business, you will need lots of patience as organically growing your account, followers and impressions don't happen an overnight on Pinterest.