Weekend tablesetting - simple and earthy




Friday is a great day for doing some experiment with possible weekend tablesetting.


We usually have a bit formal (not dress-up kind of formal but relaxed formal) dinner on Saturday. It is nice to have some thoughts beforehand how to set up the table. During the weekdays we hardly even eat together so weekends are our special eating time.


The weekend tablesetting that I made resonates pretty much my thoughts right now...simple and earthy. I love simplicity in almost every form of it - in interior design, fashion, beauty, styling.


I wanted to have something with muted, earthy tones and I chose Silk & Willow's silk napkins and table linen to add also some texture.

All the dried flowers I picked from our backyard. And you also need some hyacinths as it is already December!

The old crystal wine glasses are a keepsake from my grandparents. The ceramic water carafe is one of my recent flea market find. Tableware is from Iittala and flatware is from Ikea, chic and cheap. I also used our old wooden French cutting board to add texture and to be used as a serving plate.


Italian olive oil together with balsamico (which we are running out at the moment!) belongs to our table in every meal. Some dark bread and we are almost ready. Except, I have to figure out what we are going to cook on Saturday. Have to flip through some cook books, I guess. Hih!


I wish you a delicious weekend!

Organic tablesetting by Nellaino.com
Tablesetting via Nellaino.com
Muted tones, Photo from Nellaino
Table setting of Nellaino
Food photography via Nellaino
Bread by Nellaino
Hyacinth on the table
Olive oil and water, tablesetting from Nellaino
Details by Nellaino www.nellaino.com
Dining room via Nellaino
Scandinavian tablesetting
It's delicate via Nellaino