The most useful Pinterest checklist for beginners

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I love using Pinterest. Everyone who knows me well knows also that I used to tire and cut images out of magazines. I glued those images to big notebooks and also wrote relevant quotes on them. I've been collecting inspiration photos since...I don't even remember since when. This little hobby of mine dates back at least 15+ years.


You can guess I was in heaven when I first time found out about Pinterest. I started to use it immediately. No doubt it has changed my life quite a lot.


I have used Pinterest for many years now but just recently I've started to use it more purposefully.


At the moment, I am in a process of writing pretty comprehensive guide regarding Pinterest but I wanted to give you just few tips if you are new to Pinterest.


This short checklist is really quick to go through and check whether your Pinterest profile, boards and your pinning strategy has everything you need at the start. You might need to do your homework and complete your profile and start pinning more intentionally.


This is the most useful Pinterest checklist for those who have just started out using Pinterest.



The most useful Pinterest checklist for beginners:

  1. Is your profile complete? Does it include your website/blog URL?

  2. Does your profile contain your most important keywords?

  3. If you are a blogger or entrepreneur, does your profile have a photo of YOU?

  4. Do you have at least 10 Pinterest boards? And do they have at least 20 pins inside each of them?

  5. Does each of your Pinterest boards have keyword(s) in their title?

  6. Do your pins include keywords in descriptions?

  7. Are you pinning daily or at least several days per week? Are you pinning multiple times per day?

  8. Are you following other people or companies regularly?

  9. Have you organized your Pinterest boards? Do they look cohesive? Change board images so that everything is coherent in color, style or otherwise.

  10. Have you linked your all social media accounts to your Pinterest account (Instagram, Youtube)?

  11. Are you using Pinterest as a business? Verify your own site and you'll get all relevant data via Pinterest analytics

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Those questions are just a top of an iceberg to Pinterest strategy and how to make most of your Pinterest. I cannot wait to tell you more!

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One extra tip: If you want to schedule your pins, I can really recommend Tailwind*. After I started to use it everything has been so much easier and quicker!

PINTEREST CHECKLIST FOR BEGINNERS from Nellaino #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing