Do you make Holiday wreaths?



Holiday wreaths, they are my ultimate favorite things in order to make our home smell good and also to make our house look cozy and festive. This is the first year when I made them by myself. Usually, I go to local vendors and buy their beautiful twig wreaths. That has been the easiest way to start a holiday and get into the Christmas mood.


This year I've seen so many DIYs and instructions how to do wreaths that I thought I'd had to try it by myself. Our basement has an excellent space to do a different kind of crafts but the lighting there is very poor. I think I should start doing more of these DIYs in the future. It's really fun to make something with your own hands. And it's not that hard when you are not trying to be a perfectionist.

Imperfection is beautiful!

PetraVeikkola_holiday wreath (1 of 1)

I ordered some mistletoe and eucalyptus from a local florist and foraged other greenery from our garden and trees. I also asked my husband to cut off big branches of our pine trees and spruces. I will put those branches on the table during Christmas dinner to give some great forest smell and earthy feeling to our tablescape.


I also bought some really cheap rattan (?) wreaths and just started to tucked it with eucalyptus. I really didn't have any particular order or way to do it. I just used my creativity and played with the materials that I've foraged. My wreaths are a bit asymmetrical and imperfect but I like them that way. Besides, they smell divine!


As holiday wreath making is so easy, this is not a DIY post. However, if you'd like to dive into specific instructions how to make a wreath, I found a great site for that (with images!). Just click to see  a beautiful wreath in making.


You can see a peek of our mirror wall also in the pictures. It's one of my favorite corners in our living area.

PetraVeikkola_holiday wreath
Holiday wreaths by Nellaino

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Enjoy your time with the closest ones!