Styled stock photos for social media


Styled stock photos for bloggers and creatives to use on social media


Styled stock photos are really important part of creating your own style to your blog or website. You either have to photograph them by yourself or purchase them from someone. In our highly visual world, you have to wow your audience with thoughtful words and gorgeous images.


I've been using Creative market to sell my stock photos for a sometime now. Creative market is great because it is full of amazing, innovative and beautiful graphics, overlays, mockups, photos, typographies, fonts, illustrations and other digital creative things.


Whatever you'll need to beautify your web presence or marketing materials, you will most likely find it on Creative market. In the future, I want to concentrate more on creating stock images that YOU would like to have, so I'm retiring most of my current stock photos on my Creative market site.


If you need cheap (almost free!) stock images, check out these photos: stock image bundle 1, stock photos bundle 2, stock image bundle 3 and stock photos bundle 4.

AND please tell me in a comment what kind of stock photos you would like to use?

What color combinations? Photos of desktops or flowers? Interior stock photos or perhaps food stock images? Or something else that you have not seen anywhere else but need it desperately?