These 10 smart tips for Pinterest scheduling will increase your traffic over 100%



Pinterest scheduling is definitely one thing which you should take into account when you are planning your new year social media strategy.


Before the year comes to an end I love to plan my next years' goals and targets. This is also a time to look back and see what has worked and what not.

How could you streamline your processes and automate things that otherwise will take too much time or things that you're not so interested to do at all?

Pinterest scheduling is hugely needed when you are using Pinterest for your marketing purposes and wanting to streamline it. You will need a scheduling tool or two (or even more?) in order to be effective and not spend all your time on pinning.


To be successful on Pinterest you also need to be active on the platform. You cannot be active if you don't use the scheduler (or you will spend the whole day on Pinterest otherwise!).


Currently, the most popular Pinterest scheduling tool is Tailwind. I use it daily. It's a worth a mention that Tailwind is an approved Pinterest marketing partner.


In addition to Tailwind, there are several others that you can use. Check out my Pinterest toolkit to find out other scheduling tools that you may prefer over Tailwind (+ 50 other great tools for Pinterest that will get you ahead of your peers in Pinterest marketing!).


Scheduling is also a vital part of your traffic building. This basically applies to all social media scheduling.


Find out how to increase your traffic from Pinterest with these practical scheduling tips.


1. Use Browser extensions

A Pinterest scheduling browser extension is a life-safer in many ways. I always want to use the most easiest and quickest way when I have to schedule my posts or pins. Browser extensions are a way to do it.


Grab yours here.


Tailwind has its own browser extension and I highly recommend using it too. It makes your scheduling so easy and quick. When you have click the button on your browser, you will be able to batch schedule pins like shown in the below photo. Just click each photo/pin that you'd want to schedule and click "Go Schedule" button at the bottom. After that you will need to choose boards and when you want to post them.

How to use Tailwind's browser extension

2. Pin 50 pins per day

Tailwind has reported that if you pin over 50 pins, it will not increase your exposure on Pinterest and most probably will suffer your engagement.


Based on my own experience, I've noticed that the best per day amount varies based on pinner's following. I have quite a big following, over 650 000 so I can pin more daily pins than someone with only 500 followers. Experiment and find your own "sweet spot".


3. Schedule your pins throughout the day

When using a Pinterest scheduler you should schedule your pins throughout the day. That way you're "online" the whole day and you have better possibilities to be present to new followers. Your pins will also be seen more by your own followers.

EDIT: Pinterest has told us that it favours users that are active on the platform.


For example, on the day when you have written a blog post, you can schedule it to be pinned 6 times per day to different boards. You can let Tailwind to choose the optimised times or you can decide to schedule the post in three hours intervals.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


4. Check your peak times

With a Pinterest scheduling tool, you can easily check your peak times on Pinterest. Your peak times are times when your followers and other pinners are most active and engaged to your content. It is your best time to pin. Tailwind recommends optimal times for pinning based on your prior pinning activity.



(5. BoardBooster looping

One really popular function of BoardBooster is its looping feature. I recommend using it only if you have hundreds of pins already on your boards.


Looping means that BoardBooster takes pins at the bottom of your certain boards (you can choose yourself which boards) and repins them to the same board. You can make BoardBooster delete similar pins with fewer repins so that there are no duplicates on your board. Looping is a great feature especially if you don't want to add or schedule manually new content all the time.


With looping, your followers and others can see "new" content which is basically your old content just been repinned. Remember do not over-do it because it can harm your account and Pinterest can also think that your account is a spammy one!)


6. Batch pinning to multiple boards

Many people think that if you pin the same pin several times to Pinterest, it will irritate others. That is not true. After Pinterest changed how it shows pins on your feed, your followers won't see your pins many times per day. People don't get annoyed to your pins. You do not lose followers if you schedule your pins.


In Tailwind you can create lists for boards that you want to pin your pins. For example, if you are part of many travel group boards you can make a list of those boards and easily schedule your pins to all those boards whit just one click.


Below you'll see some of my board lists made on Tailwind.

Start using Tailwind's board lists for easy Pinterest scheduling.


7. Interval pinning

Like I already mentioned under Tip 3 (Schedule your pins throughout the day) you can schedule your pins so that they will be shared on intervals. This is one of the best features in Tailwind's scheduling tool.


When you pin your own content you can have that one pin pinned to different boards, and can use intervals to spread it out over the course of minutes, hours, days or weeks. Really convenient!



(8. Use "likes" to make your scheduling even quicker

This is a tip that I've just recently started to use myself. When I'm browsing on Pinterest, I will search with certain keywords and start liking the pins that look interesting and proper for my boards.


After I've liked a certain amount of pins, I just click my "likes" and use Tailwind's browser extension to schedule all those liked pins. It's a really easy and pretty quick way to find and schedule quality content.)


9. Use Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are basically boards where people can join (you don't have to use Tailwind and it's free to join and use!), and share their content based on certain topics. It's also a great way to promote your own content to other tribe members.


In Tailwind tribes people who have joined a certain tribe usually like or are interested in similar things which make easy to find great content that fit your own niche and boards.


Check the pins shared in the tribe and schedule the ones that are relevant to your own content and boards!


When you are scheduling your own content on Tailwind, you can add it to the tribes you belong. You can select one or more tribes where your own pin will fit. Remember to follow each tribes' rules, and do not post things that don't belong to that tribe.


Currently, it is a bit difficult to find tribes but try searching them on Facebook groups and on Pinterest (put to the search box: "tailwind tribe"). Check out my Pinterest board where I have collected pins regarding Pinterest tribes.


I have created two Tailwind tribes. The first one is only for Pinterest tips and advice shared between Pinterest lovers. And the other one is all about traveling and travel destinations.

EDIT: I actually have a third tribe, too. It’s for fine art weddings.


If you are interested to join, click the links below.

My Tailwind tribe for Pinterest Lovers

My Tailwind tribe for Travel Destinations

My Tailwind Tribe for Fine Art Weddings


10. Analyze your analytics

I mainly use Tailwind for my Pinterest scheduling. It's really easy to use and the reporting function is pretty comprehensive. You will see what you have pinned and which pins and which boards are the most influential and which ones are performing great. It also shows you which of the boards will need more attention and which boards maybe are not worth of your time.


My final thoughts about Pinterest scheduling

The more you pin and share your own and others' content, the more your impressions will increase on Pinterest. But of course, there are limits so don't pin too much (like 300 pins per day!). The more impressions, repins and clicks, the more traffic and new customers to your business.


In addition to aforementioned very practical tips, it is obvious that your content should be GREAT in order to get attention on Pinterest.


Remember to include call to actions to all your own pins.


Show your potential customers what value you are giving to them by asking questions or/and giving clear and informative advice. For example: "Want to be a Pinterest expert? Click through to find out how."


When you're scheduling other people's pins, share a meaningful thought or how the pin/its content has helped you. Try to engage people and be present also when repinning.


See also my advice on Pinterest strategies and 5 ways to be seen on Pinterest.


I have shared a lot of Tailwind tips but that's because I use it the most and I think it is the most helpful Pinterest scheduling tool.


If you want to try Tailwind, you will receive a FREE month of Tailwind when using my Tailwind affiliate link.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Lastly, you should pin your free opt-in to all your boards and group boards that you belong to. Share your content and remember to share it continuously.


It is not enough that you pin your blog post just once to just one of your own boards. Do it many times to different boards!


Fun tip: Schedule some quotes and you will see lots of repins and clicks. Include a great call to action when you're promoting your own service or product with that quote pin.


Do you have any questions about Pinterest scheduling?

Which scheduler do you use at the moment?

Any other helpful tips or tools that you use when scheduling your pins?


If you want to have an extensive Pinterest management plan or need just consultation, please send me a note to hello(at) I would love to help you and make your business shine in 2017!!


* Links to Tailwind are affiliate links and I will get a commission if you click the links and upgrade to their paid plans. I honestly recommend Tailwind as I use it myself daily.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Schedule your Pinterest and increase your traffic over 100%.

Schedule your Pinterest and increase your traffic over 100%.