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Storytelling, mood in images, and overall brand style are things that really have interested me for a long time. Basic principles of styling, a color theory, and a visual story will help you to create coherent brand also on Pinterest. 


Do you know your visual style?

As an aesthetic and a lover of all visual things, I constantly want to hone my eye for colors, textures, patterns, and styling.

My visual style is also constantly changing as I learn new things. All those new things and skills change how I look at the world and how I photograph.


Food & Lifestyle Photography Course

A few years ago, I found an online course which was a long awaited answer to my curious mind and search for photography courses that contain styling advice. That course was Christina Greve's Food & Lifestyle Photography Course! EDIT: I think it’s called Lifestyle Photography Course at the moment.

I studied the course first time a few years ago, and it was a great experience. Just what I needed at that time. I've also already retaken that course few times to refresh my memory! 

Christina has actually revamped the whole course, and it is an even fuller version with lots of really practical and detailed info.

Btw, this is NOT a paid advertisement or anything like that. I just wanted to tell you about that great course in case you need some advice on your photography and styling skills!

For me, a visual style is something that you are drawn into it. You can practice your creative eye, you can practice many things but your visual style comes from within you.


Who you are, what is your story, what kind of life experiences you have had, what is your personality...


I think these all (and lots of other things!) will form your visual style.

If you're a bubbly, outgoing person who loves to wear bright red clothes, I assume your visual style is not harmonious, pastel-colored, muted tones and calm images. Yes, it can be but are you true to yourself then?

I have traveled a long route to find my visual style. It is an ongoing process and one will never be totally ready. Because when you think you know who you are and what you'd like, you have most probably already changed.

The searching and nerve racking finding 'true yourself' continues. I will call it a progress.


An easy exercise to find your visual style is to gather images that have something that interests you.

Use Pinterest to create a board with your favorite photos. Then analyze them.

What do they have in common? Are they colorful, photos of people or do you like food photos more? Are they basically black and white photos or photos of interiors? Can you find emotions in those photos or movement? Or are they mostly static and still?


Try to find common characters.

Then make a moodboard out of your favorite images! Start combining your favorite images under a common theme.

Here are my two moodboards that I made right after I've read Module 2 of Christina's course.

Storytelling on Pinterest with a help of moodboards. What is your style and voice? How to find them and use them create your Pinterest boards? Visit to find out more.
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I gathered images to above moodboards mainly based on their color. I wanted to include lots of nature photos but also some images with a modern feel.


How does your visual style look like?

I feel that many parts of the second module (Creative Identity) of the course can be applied to different kind of creatives, not only to photographers.

The second module also made me think about my visual style. How I can use it to tell MY story better.

It also taught me how I should be more courageous to go after what I really want in life and business!




Pinterest is a perfect place to start practicing your visual storytelling skills. Create boards with the interesting visual story and examine how people will engage with your pins.

Be strategic as in all of your Pinterest marketing:

- What are your specific goals that you'd want to achieve with your Pinterest storytelling? List them all!

- Are there any unique ways how to create visual stories? Anything particularly unique to YOUR brand?

- Brainstorm themes that you can include in your Pinterest boards in order to create a coherent story.


The more visually appealing boards and pins you can create, the more you start to attract your dream followers.

Study other great accounts how they do their Pinterest storytelling. I've already covered this issue pretty deeply in my prior blog post regarding 5 Pinterest strategies. Check it out!


I want to see your storytelling boards! Send me links to your Pinterest boards where you have created a visual story around your products or services! I would like to feature some of those great boards in the future!



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