Pinterest showcase and other new features on Pinterest

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Did you already see the new Pinterest showcase feature on Pinterest?


If you have a Pinterest business account, you should have it in place already.


And if you don't have the Pinterest business account yet, I really recommend changing your personal account to business one immediately!


I have a FREE course about how to optimize your Pinterest account for great SEO! That course will also show you how to change your personal account to a business one.



The new Pinterest showcase is a great way to highlight your best content on Pinterest. Especially, if you have many boards like I do (oh yes over 100!), you can choose 5 most important ones and put them on your showcase.


The Pinterest showcase will be on top of your Pinterest profile so it is really easy to see when people click to see your Pinterest profile. With the help of Pinterest showcase, you can immediately create the feel and story that your boards want to tell other pinners. You can also change your Pinterest showcase content as often as you like.



People will see your showcase boards first and hopefully, it will make them curious to see the other boards and your other content too. If you are using Buyable pins (US only), the showcase will automatically show your "Shop" board on it.


The way showcase works is that it will rotate your boards in a loop.


Check out how beautiful Burberry's showcase is!




Add your best content to your showcase. Your boards that have your own content. Boards that have great seasonal content. Boards that have great ideas or inspiration to your followers.


At the moment everything related to Christmas, wintertime, DIYs, and gifts are really seasonal so create those boards and put them on showcase. Those kinds of boards will interest people and they want to see more so provide the desired content and show it on showcase for more exposure.


Remember also to include your "own" boards to showcase. Meaning those boards that have your own content: blog posts, product features, services etc.


Use Pinterest showcase to present your best and highly selling products if you are using Buyable pins. You can highlight your upcoming sale or new products by creating a new Buyable pins board which will then be shown on your showcase. Just brainstorm ideas how to use it to your advantage!




If you don't like your Buyable pins to be seen on your showcase, you can turn them off by simply:

  • clicking the edit pencil at the bottom of your showcase

  • turning off "Include your shop"

  • clicking "Save"


You can also change your current Buyable pins collection by creating a new board for Buyable pins that you want to show on your showcase. Check more info on Pinterest help.


Pinterest showcase is a great new feature which will probably increase your boards' exposure on Pinterest if used correctly.


This is how it looks.

Pinterest showcase is a new Pinterest feature. Read more from:



There are also some other updates that Pinterest has made which are great for overall Pinterest experience.


They have made your Pinterest more coherent. Yippee for that!


It doesn't matter what gadget you're using while browsing on Pinterest, now it always looks similar.


Your board cover images and boards will look the same whether you look at them on your desktop or iPhone (or some other device). That's also great news!


Now you can also select new board cover images on your phone if you're not always by your computer. It is excellent that Pinterest makes things easier to use also on mobile.


Lastly, Pinterest has made your likes visible only to you. When people are checking your profile, they will only see tabs to your boards or pins. For me personally, this is a superb improvement. I've used my likes to remind me content that I will pin later or write about. Now I can keep them just to myself and I don't have to use secret boards for that.


What do you think about the new updates and showcase?


Have a nice pinning day!

New Pinterest showcase feature and other updates to more coherent Pinterest and easier Pinterest experience. Visit to read more!