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Strategic ways to market your business on Pinterest and create an actionable Pinterest plan

Pinterest strategies and planning your marketing efforts on Pinterest seem to be a bit hard for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I would love to help you to start planning your Pinterest marketing!

Firstly, you need to start creating fresh content to Pinterest.

If you’ve been using Pinterest already for some time, and are seeing some decrease in your Pinterest analytics’ numbers it means that you need to create more fresh content. This is number one thing that you need to include into your Pinterest plan!

Pinterest boards

Pinterest loves fresh content.

Fresh content means totally new content (e.g. new blog posts, articles etc) and an old content with new pins (with new photos and descriptions).

Plan action 1: allocate 1 day for creating fresh pins to your old blog posts or articles. Photograph (or use stock photos) new photos and write new titles and descriptions. Batch your content, i.e. write new blog posts on one day and schedule them out each week or whatever time frame suits best for you.

Secondly, start using Google Analytics to monitor your best performing pins. Your Google analytics is pretty easy to connect to your Pinterest account.

Plan action 2: If you are not using Google analytics yet, create your Google analytics account and start using it.

Google analytics will tell you which of your pins have had the best engagement on Pinterest.

You’ll also find info on which boards and group boards are performing well.

Based on those statistics it’s easy to determine what kind of pins your audience loves on Pinterest. You can also leave group boards that are not performing well.

Plan action 3: Create an excel sheet and copy your best performing pin links into the sheet. You can also add links to the best performing group boards. Leave the group boards that are not doing any good to your pins (i.e. no repins).

When you have identified your top performing pins save them to an excel sheet. Start re-pinning those high-performing pins to other relevant boards. Remember not to re-pin the same pin to the same board constantly. Instead keep 4 months’ interval until you pin the same pin to the same board again. This way you don’t look spammy to Pinterest.

Plan action 4: Create a list of boards that are relevant to each type of your content. Board lists are easy to do and use in Tailwind but if you’re not using Tailwind create them in excel sheet. Schedule the pins via Tailwind or re-pin them manually to your other relevant boards. Remember to keep 4 months interval!

Pin those high-performing pins also to Tailwind tribes that you have joined. You don’t need to have Tailwind scheduler in order to be able to join Tailwind tribes. See my prior blog post where you’ll find my tribes. You can join them.

Plan action 5: Find interesting and active Tailwind tribes, and join them. Check your best performing pins from your excel sheet, and pin them to your tribes. Repeat this 1 - 2 times per month.

Thirdly, start using a pin scheduler. My choice is Tailwind* which an official partner to Pinterest. It will make your Pinterest marketing so much easier. You do NOT need to pin any pins manually. A scheduler saves you lots of time so I highly recommend using one.

Plan action 6: Join Tailwind* and start scheduling your pins.

Strategic ways to use Pinterest and create Pinterest marketing plan with Nellaino. Check out the blog post and create your Pinterest plan now. www.nellaino.com #pinterestplan #pinterestmarketing

Keep your daily scheduled pins around 10 - 30 pins. Do not over do it!

Plan action 7: Create a schedule to your Tailwind*. Start with 10 pins per day. Tailwind will tell you the best time slots for your pins.

Pin mostly your own content to see results in your Pinterest traffic.

Always pin your pins firstly to the most relevant board. If you don’t know what this means, ready my prior blog post.

Start experimenting. There are no one correct solution for all accounts. One strategy that can work for one Pinterest account may not work to the other. Your Pinterest audience is different to mine so you cannot copy my strategies and think that it will work for you, too.

Plan action 8: Brainstorm and write down experiment that you can do. Experiment one thing at the time for example 2 weeks time period. For example, you can create 2 different pin templates. One with warm color and the other one with cold colors. Keep other things same, i.e. use same titles and descriptions on those pins. After the experiment, see which pins have performed the best.

Experimenting different things on Pinterest is the key to find the best solutions and strategies for your business and account.


Start writing catchy titles to your pins. Learn some copywriting tricks if you don’t know what kind of titles are catchy.

A simple copywriting tip is that your pin titles should be simple. You may want to include some “pain words” to your titles. If you find it hard to come up with catchy titles start collecting inspiring and catchy titles that you see on other people’s pins. When you don’t have anything catchy in your mind check those ideas and create your own version of them.

Plan action 9: Start creating a catchy titles swipe file on Google docs or somewhere else. Add new titles whenever and wherever you will find them. Use the swipe file when you’re creating new pins and need inspiration for titles.


Lastly, be consistent. Be present on Pinterest and pin daily (or schedule your pins to be pinned daily).

Plan action 10: Allocate 30 minutes on each Monday (or whatever day suits best for you) and schedule as much new pins as you can.

I hope you liked these tips, and are now able to create your first Pinterest marketing plan.

In case you are more experienced Pinterest user and want to have a specific Pinterest marketing plan done for you contact me hello@nellaino.com.

I would love to help you and your business! Reserve your own Pinterest strategy session.