Amazing Pinterest News - Pinterest allows affiliate links again!


Pinterest allows affiliate links again!


I was jumping up and down when I heard the latest news about affiliate links on Pinterest! Pinterest allows affiliate links again! Yay! Yippee! Hurrayyy!


Pinterest announced two days ago on their blog:

Now that our spam detection system is so much stronger, we’re ready to allow affiliate links again.

The news is pretty BIG to bloggers and other social media influencers who have previously used Pinterest to make money.


It was a shock when Pinterest first announced in 2015 that they don't allow affiliate links because those links were abused by spammers. Now they have apparently fixed the problems with the spammy issue. What a relief!


I honestly thought that this day won't come but I'm really really positively surprised about this change.


This also means that if you have stopped using Pinterest or haven't really concentrated on Pinterest marketing because of the ban of affiliate links, you should start using Pinterest again - immediately!


There is a huge potential to grow your income with affiliate links on Pinterest!


In the early days of Pinterest, many bloggers and businesses made a lot of money with affiliate links on Pinterest. Now, that income stream has opened again - so be smart and start using Pinterest every day. Be consistent but not spammy.


Pinterest has updated their Acceptable Use Policy because of the affiliate links. You have to obey those rules when pinning images that contain affiliate links or otherwise your account can be banned. Two things that are banned according to the policy is link cloakers and spammy pins. You should also disclose when necessary that pin contains an affiliate link.


Personally, I'm really waiting that affiliate marketing companies like RewardStyle will activate their Pinterest functions.


Use non-spammy pins with affiliate links


You can find many tips and advice on how to use affiliate links in your blog posts but not so many which can be directly applied to using affiliate links on Pinterest.


I found this really great post about non-spammy use of affiliate links on Pinterest written by Oh, she blogs!. I recommend you check it out if you want to start creating pins with affiliate links on them!


In case you need help with your Pinterest account setup or management, please contact me: Contact. I'm ready to help you to grow your followers and traffic to your site!