My New Pinterest Strategy - pin less & spend more time with your family


My Pinterest Strategy: Things I do every week to grow my website traffic with Pinterest*

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Pinterest changes and your Pinterest strategies should change, too.

New Pinterest strategies are especially great if you can save time and create something more meaningful for your business or spend more time with your family than spending lots of time just pinning (although, I absolutely loveeee pinning but too much is always too much).


Are you with me?

One disclaimer regarding the title of this blog post! I highly recommend you to be active on Pinterest daily even though you do not need to pin every day.

Why is that? And how is it even possible?

Because Pinterest has told us that it’s important for you to be active on the platform. Show up, engage, pin, save, scroll the smart feed, take closer look to pins, click them open etc.

However, you DON’T have to do it manually each and every day (whooaah! That would take a lot of your precious time, don’t you think?).

If you want to know Pinterest’s newest updates for 2018, read my blog post: New Pinterest Update

My new Pinterest strategy social media for 2019 I Nellaino #pintereststrategy.png

My “secret” to slowing down my pinning

Okay, it’s not so much secret but I wanted you to be curious what I’m really talking about here.

You can be active on Pinterest daily, and at the same time pin less and slow down your pinning AND still get amazing results.

It all happens by using a scheduler. And using it strategically. And knowing it’s potential. And studying it’s analytics and stats.

Are you surprised? I bet you are not.

My favourite scheduler is by far Tailwind* and all my Pinterest management clients basically have to use it if they want to be my clients (ooppss, I’m that rigorous!).

If you want to try out Tailwind, you can grab a free trial*.

But how I am actually slowing down my pinning?

As a background info, I used to pin even 100+ pins a day back in the old days when Pinterest still had its old algorithm. It was pretty heavy pinning but at that time it also got me results very quickly.

I’ve tested things, and with the help of Tailwind’s statistic I’ve come up to a conclusion that fewer pins are just fine. I do not need to schedule 100 pins per day (the thought of it just makes me terrified!).

As things have changed from those old days, my pinning strategies have changed as well. First, I’ve lowered my daily pinning to 50 or so pins and now I’m at around 20 - 30 pins per day speed.

Now I’m talking about scheduled pins. I do pin some pins also manually when I’m browsing Pinterest (like every day, huh!) so my total pins per day can be higher than 20 - 30 pins.


Now you’re asking me how much do YOU need to pin per day?

My recommendation for you is to start with 10 pins per day if your account is totally new. You can increase it to 15 - 20 pins per day when you have created more of your own content (i.e. blog posts, lead magnets, product pins etc). And go upwards if you think it will help you and your account. You have to experiment what works for YOUR account.

Remember, there is NO exact number of daily pins that you should follow!

The most convenient way to know how your own pins perform and how many scheduled pins per day will suit your account is to use Tailwind* and it’s statistics.

Tailwind will determine what are your account’s best pinning times based on your Pinterest performance and audience engagement, and it will recommend the best daily pinning slots for you.

So, it’s pretty easy to schedule your content to those slots that Tailwind is recommending to you. It saves your time and effort.

The best part of using a scheduler is that you can forget about your pins after you’ve scheduled them via the scheduler. The scheduler helps you to pin consistently every day (which Pinterest LOVES btw!), and it saves so much of your time!


Do you need help with your strategic daily pinning and scheduling? I offer Pinterest management services which are aimed to busy entrepreneurs and businesses that want to give their Pinterest tasks to an expert.


Strategy of Pinterest hashtags

I need to tell you also more about Pinterest hashtags as they can really help your content to be seen on Pinterest if you have lower number of followers or not so big reach (i.e. monthly viewers).

Because Pinterest is indexing hashtags and they are shown in chronological order you have possibilities to use them to your advantage. Even when you use broad hashtags on Pinterest, like #travel, your content is likely to appear at the top of people’s feeds at the time you pinned it. (P.S. I tell you a secret that very few people are using hashtags on Pinterest at the moment! This is your chance!)

Hashtags used in your pin description are marked in blue and bold, and they are also clickable. They are easy to see and click from your pin description. Btw, always write a keyword rich description first to your pin and after that put your hashtags.

Use hashtags like you were using keywords on Pinterest, and you have a tool to make your content to be seen pretty easily even though you don’t have that many followers.

Do not put hashtags that are not relevant to your content on your pin.


Create specific long-term keywords that tell what your pin is about, and put them as hashtags on your pin description. I recommend using 2 - 3 really specific hashtags per one pin, e.g. #PinterestMarketingTips, #HomeDecorIdeas. Use different hashtags on different pins of same content. That way you can test which ones are the most effective.

If your pin (photo + text overlay + alt text of the pin) and your pin description are telling the same story as your hashtags on your pin, Pinterest will most likely show your content when people are searching similar content on Pinterest. Hashtags help you to be found if your content is coherent and telling “the same story”.

You can also create a branded hashtag which means that when people click that branded hashtag all your own content will pop up. Try to come up with a hashtag that is not used by other people, so that it is branded to you and your content.

Check from your Google analytics whether your hashtag strategy has worked or not. Google analytics will tell you which pins are sending traffic to your website. Examine whether those best traffic sending pins have hashtags on them or not. And if they have, make notes which hashtags they are using.

Last hashtag tip is to use both broad and specific hashtags on your pin. The broad hashtag can bring you traffic at the time you pinned it but the specific hashtag can bring you traffic also later on when people are searching for that specific thing on Pinterest.

I can recommend that you start using hashtags!


Decreasing your daily pins is not enough when you want to have more effective Pinterest strategy with a lesser amount of time spending on Pinterest.

According to my new Pinterest strategy, I’ve started to refresh my old pins and content. If you have lots of content you can check via Google analytics which of your old pins perform well and start updating those first.

I create new pins to my old blog posts, search for new relevant keywords and hashtags to the new pins and write new interesting pin descriptions in order to make them look fresh content on Pinterest. This way you can update your old evergreen content and you don’t have to write so much new content. Again releases more time to be spend with your family (or friends or whatever you prefer!)

If you want to read more in-depth explanation how to refresh your content effectively (and other Pinterest strategy tips!), I recommend you listen to SocialMedia Examiner’s show where Michael Stelzner interviews Jennifer Priest, and also read the relevant blog post about Pinterest Strategy!



Okay, now we can look at my weekly Pinterest strategy which means less pinning and more time with my family. Here are steps that I take to save my time and to be more efficient.

  1. I have marked and reserved a batch day in my weekly calendar. That is a day when I create all my new pins regarding my blog posts, product or service offers and affiliate promotions. I’m doing this once a week, once in every two weeks’ time or once a month depending on how much content I have created. (P.S. I also batch create and edit my pin photos whenever I use my own photos on my pins.)

  2. When I have published a blog post or made an affiliate promotion, I will pin those pins that I’ve created on my batch day (point 1). I always, always, always save them FIRST to the most relevant board, and after that I schedule them to other relevant boards via Tailwind. (This step is super important!) Read more why this step is so important: New Pinterest Update

    I think I need to mention here that before I start writing a new blog post I always conduct a keyword research. I search for keywords that I want my content to be found on Pinterest. Read how to find those keywords: Pinterest Basics 2

  3. After I’ve saved my first fresh pins (point 2) I upload or schedule all new pins to my Tailwind scheduler, and schedule them out for the following week or weeks. I may schedule my pins once a week or twice per a month depending on how often I’ll create new content.

    Whenever my content is evergreen I also add those pins to Tailwind’s SmartLoop which automatically reposts my content to the boards that I’ve chosen and with time frame I’ve chosen - again and again. Saves lots of time and boosts my content on Pinterest!

    I use Tailwind’s board lists to spread pins out evenly to different boards by using interval times.

    Tailwind board lists are a quick and easy way to ease your pin scheduling. You can create a list of Pinterest boards where you group similar boards together. When you’re scheduling your pin, you can schedule it to multiple boards with just one click. I have created different board lists for different kind of pins. For example, all my Pinterest marketing pins will go to boards that are related to Pinterest, social media, blogging, online marketing etc. When I create a new relevant board or join into a new group board I’ll add it to my board list.

  4. I add few pins to Tailwind tribes that I have joined. Many of the tribes have rules that you have to share other users’ pins if you want to share yours to the tribe. I usually schedule pins from all the tribes I’m in at once in advance, so it’s easier for me to share my own pins whenever they are ready to be shared to the tribes. Sounds complicated but it really is not.

    You can join Tailwind tribes for free. Here are my 3 Tailwind tribes. Feel free to join them if they are relevant to content you create.

    Nellaino’s Pinterest tribe

    Travel Destinations

    Fine art weddings

  5. I log in to my Pinterest account and check all my notifications and messages that I’ve received via Pinterest. I’ll reply to messages that are relevant. Unfortunately, most of the times they are not relevant as people are asking to join my closed group boards.

  6. I check my Tailwind* analytics (especially Pin Inspector) and Google analytics, and examine which of my pins have been performing best during the last week or two. I also check whether they have had hashtags as using hashtags on my pins are a vital part of my Pinterest strategy. However, I’m not doing this weekly, and sometimes I do this only once a month!

    I can reschedule high performing pins easily from Tailwind* or add them to my Tailwind tribes with just one click.

  7. I’ll do some manual pinning just for fun as I LOVE Pinterest. I want to use it also for fun, not just for my business. There’s no stress regarding these pins and I don’t need to do them if I don’t feel like pinning.


That was it! My new Pinterest strategy that I’m following almost each week. When I create less content, I can do these steps less frequently.


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