4 ways to use KonMari method to clean your Pinterest account

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How on earth could KonMari method help you with cleaning up your Pinterest account?

I know, I know that may sound a bit too much. But I’ll tell you it’s not.

KonMari method is a perfect way to use for cleaning up your Pinterest boards, pins and account.

Let me tell you!

KonMari Method and Pinterest cleaning from Nellaino www.nellaino.com #konmarimethod #pinteresttips

Follow this KonMari checklist for your Pinterest account clean-up.

  1. Commit yourself tidying up your Pinterest account all at once and repeat occasionally

    Yes, it’s much easier and quicker to do if you commit one day to make your whole Pinterest account clean.

    • Start with your bio check that you have keywords and that there’s nothing fluffy, your bio should tell what you’re offering to fellow pinners, include also a link to your freebie if you have one

    • then clean your boards: write descriptive board names (remember that Google does index them, too!), and use description area to tell what each board is all about, include relevant keywords, check that all boards have correct categories, set on-brand board cover images with no words on them, archive or move to secret all boards that are not relevant to your niche

    • check that all your own pins are in great shape (i.e. no broken links or bad images)

    Repeat everything from time to time or when your business model or niche changes.

  2. Imagine your ideal audience to prevent unnecessary pins on your pinterest account

    When you create new content have a clear goal in mind.

    Why you’re creating this content and what you’d like to have in return? Do you want to increase your brand awareness, gain more traffic to your website or something else?

    Create pins that are attracting your ideal audience. Remove everything else from your Pinterest boards.

  3. Don’t keep old boards as your official “comfy and safe” boards

    You have created lots of boards for your own purposes but they do not contribute to your target audience and their interests.

    Make those boards secret (or archive them).

    You can still continue pinning to those boards but your followers and other Pinterest-users don’t need to see them. They are your secret comfy boards.

  4. Keep only pins and boards that make you happy and that are relevant to you and your business

    Brainstorm which themes and topics are answering your dream clients’ pain points.

    Which topics amuses them and make them feel inspired?

    Create and organise your boards (your own product/services boards on top left in the first row), arrange your group boards lastly to your board list) in such way that they will attract your dream clients and they make you happy, too.

This KonMari checklist is pretty easy to follow or what you think? It’s easy AND really effective if you follow all those steps laid out in my KonMari list for Pinterest account cleaning.

Let me know what you think?

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KonMari Method and Pinterest cleaning from Nellaino, a Pinterest expert. www.nellaino.com #konmari #konmarimethod #pinteresttips