I wanna do a short introduction. I've always been interested in beautiful things. Beautiful people. Beautiful minds and words.


After leaving my work in the corporate world I've been diving in a totally different world of creativity. Meeting sooooo creative people that I've almost forgot to breath while listening their words and sucking in their inspiration. My whole world has almost went upside down. Ok, not almost...but wholly and totally upside down.


I could not live without creativity anymore. I have to create something each. and. every. day.


Love what you do and your life would be easier and you would be happier

I'm really happy at the moment. Right here by my desk, sipping a coffee, writing this blog post and deciding which of the images I should use in this post. Couldn't be better actually.


My current visual life consists of photographing, styling, moodboarding and taking baby steps with writing. I also love foraging, floral arrangements, meaningful vintage pieces and quiet moments while painting with my daughter.


I'm happy that you are reading this. I'll try to do my best so that you'll enjoy your time with this little blog.

Introduction to Nellaino

Introduction to Nellaino