How to succeed on Pinterest in 2019

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PINTEREST STRATEGY for 2019 by Nellaino

Pinterest Best Practices for 2019

New year, new things to increase your Pinterest traffic and some things that you should stop doing now.

Tailwind has just published an interesting new article where they basically tell us to create more fresh content in order to succeed on Pinterest.

The article is all about fresh pins and interval pinning, and how you can do it properly.

The main advice is to stop pinning your own content to same boards over and over again when the pin is exactly the same (i.e. the same photo and the same link).

STOP it now! This is an important one!

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What does this mean in practise?

  1. Create lots of new content (blog posts, product listings etc), and especially create new photos to your old and new pins.

    It’s not enough to change the pin description on a pin and pin it to your boards.

    INSTEAD, you need to create a new photo to that pin in order to make that pin “fresh”.

  2. Create new content WEEKLY!

    I’ve seen a major dropdown on my own Pinterest statistics as I have not been able to create new content (as I’ve been concentrating on other things than my Pinterest blog & website).

    Pinterest is definitely favouring content creators at the moment. If you can create consistently new content to Pinterest, you will notice it in your statistics and traffic that you are able to drive from Pinterest to your site.

    And new content to Pinterest is also a pin with a NEW photo even though it links to your old content. If you cannot create completely new content, create new photos to your most relevant and high-performing content and share it to Pinterest weekly!

  3. When you create new and fresh content make it inspiring and interesting + don’t forget to optimize it for Pinterest SEO!

  4. If you’re using Tailwind’s SmartLoop you must read this!

    SmartLoop shares your content to certain boards in a certain time interval. Check out your SmartLoop intervals as you don’t want to share the same pin to the same boards no shorter intervals than 4 months!

    SmartLoop is ok to use when you want to share your seasonal content, e.g. Holiday DIY posts. You can use SmartLoop to reshare your seasonal content once or twice a year.

    According to Tailwind’s article “every four to six months, you can save the same Pin to the same Board to surface it in the following tab of your newer audience members”.

    So, if you have used SmartLoop to reshare your old pins for example every week or every month, edit your settings NOW! The resharing interval should be at least 4 months!

As a conclusion, if you have been sharing your own same content to the same boards frequently, STOP DOING IT IMMEDIATELY!


It can harm you and your Pinterest account tremendously as Pinterest can think that your account is a spam account. It may lead an account suspension.

If you want to know my Pinterest workflow and how I was able to slow down my pinning and have more time with my family (and not so many hours on Pinterest!) read my blog post here.

If you need help with your Pinterest strategy or need some basic Pinterest guidance, reserve a Pinterest strategy call with me, and let’s see how can I help you to succeed on Pinterest.

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