How to make Pinterest users to visit your blog - 10 tested practical ways


How to bring Pinterest users to your blog

You are blogging hard and pinning all your blog posts to your Pinterest boards but nothing happens.

It just seems that you are unable to get traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

You think: "Why I cannot get that super traffic from Pinterest to my site like others seem to do?"

I hear you.


Here are my top 10 tested ways to bring more traffic to your blog


1. Use Rich pins - read more about rich pins and how to install them either from my FREE Pinterest course or from my blog post for Pinterest newbies.

Rich pins help other pinners to know from which blog the content has been pinned originally and they will more likely visit your blog to read that post. 


2. Write effective CTAs (call to actions) to your pins - make other pinners want to click the pin and come to your blog. Write your CTAs also to your pin photo (i.e. make a text layer to your photo) so that people will immediately see it! 

You can give something free to them in order to get their email addresses, i.e. a free ebook that you wrote or free cheat sheet.

Don't forget to add interesting CTAs also to your Pinterest profile bio and board descriptions!


3. Use your best copywriting skills and write mysterious pin descriptions (include your main long tail keywords in the beginning of that description).

You want your audience become curious and click the pin. You will need to leave something unsaid so that they will come to your site and read more from your blog.


4. Don't forget to use seasonality to your advantage when you create blog posts and lead magnets.

Create holiday gift lists, Halloween party decoration ideas, Thanksgiving recipes, printable Valentines' cards etc. Use them as your lead magnets and make pinners come to your blog to download those freebies or to read the whole blog post.


5. Create tutorials and infographics (use Canva) because people are always interested in them.


But remember to leave something important out of that tutorial so that pinners are eager to visit your blog to find out more. They want to see the end result of your tutorial.

Infographics should only contain main points and your blog post should explain the matter more in detail.



6. Make sure that your photos are bright, clear and compelling.

If your pins are looking unprofessional and messy, people will not be interested to see your blog posts. Bad photos don't make other pinners to click your photo. Use free stock photo sites or buy your stock photos (a link to my stock photo shop) to really stand out from other bloggers.


7. Create distinctive branding for your blog (if you don't have it already!) and use branded pins when you pin your content to Pinterest.

The most successful bloggers have a cohesive brand and pulled together look in their pins. If you need help with your Pinterest branding, send me a message to I would love to help you! 


8. And of course you have to write interesting blog post. This might be the hardest one!

Check out these great blog post writing tips:

Adventure in you

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9. Create your own group board where you can pin all your own blog posts and invite other bloggers to join that board. Sharing is caring! 

Join also other group boards that have great content and not so many contributors (max 100-200 contributors). 


10. Last, but definitely not least, tip is to use keywords on your pins and boards! Pinterest is accepting hashtags too, so start using them!'

I have found out that in addition to great photos and catchy headlines, Pinterest SEO is the most effective way to get attention to your amazing content.


Don't you know what I'm talking about?


Join to my 5-day email course and learn how to use keywords to your advantage! 


With these 10 tips you are more than ready to start driving traffic to your blog posts! So let's get to work!

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