6 ways to show your gratitude in Thanksgiving




Thanksgiving is not a holiday that we are celebrating in Finland but I really like the meaning behind it. Show your appreciation to others, give to those that don't have anything, be close to your family and remember to enjoy your time.


It is said to be the biggest "family gathering" in the States. Even bigger than the Christmas. That's quite something!


I wanted to think some easy ways how you can show your gratitude during Thanksgiving weekend. You don't even have to celebrate Thanksgiving in order to do these things and show your appreciation and gratitude.


6 ways to show your gratitude in Thanksgiving


  1. Start with little things - do something thoughtful to your loved ones, e.g. clean up the table after Thanksgiving dinner

  2. Everyone loves compliments - compliment a skill, talent or strength of your closest ones

  3. Slow down and appreciate others' time - try to be patient even if you feel like you are in hurry, be still

  4. Be personal - write a handwritten thank you note to someone that really needs some couragement or uplifting

  5. Be inspired by the nature - give flowers to someone to brighten their day, do some foraging and make a wreath to your neighbour

  6. Be present - promise yourself that you will make everyday moments precious ones, extraordinary

  7. Remember to show gratitude also for yourself - list all the good things in your life, keep a gratitude journal


Have a cozy Thanksgiving with full of love and laughter! Hold your loved ones extra close and enjoy your time.

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