So, where should I start with this blog? I don't know. The only thing I know so far is that I am full of excitement and I have to share my passions with you. For my personal growth it is also important that I start writing. Writing real blog posts in my own style. I don't know yet what that style might be but hey, I'm just starting out. I'll figure it out.


I used to love words but somehow lost my interest when studying law. Legal writing is soooo different to "normal" writing. I think you'll know what I mean.


I've also done a lot of soul searching lately and trying to figure out why I'm here doing what I'm doing. I've basically turned my back to my lawyer career to pursue things that are close to my heart. I want to live this life feeling like every day is worth it. Because everyday is really worth it when you make it to be like that.

We have just this one life.

I'm excited because I have so many things that I want to share with you - my images, my little Pinterest tips, some basics of styling and composition, peeks of our house and also my other favourite things in life.


I hope you'll enjoy this ride that it's about to begin!

Nellaino Scandinavian visual storytelling