7 ways to build your personal brand using Pinterest

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Create an effective personal brand using Pinterest

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Pinterest is a perfect platform to make your personal brand to be known and really start building your brand recognition.

Nowadays, the personal brand is becoming more and more important, and especially for entrepreneurs, creatives, small business owners, bloggers, and coaches it’s almost vital to have a recognizable personal brand.

A consistent message throughout Pinterest is the key when you want to build your personal brand.


I’ve gathered my best 7 tips how to build your personal brand with the help of Pinterest.


1. Know your mission statement, why you do what you do and who you are


When you know what you and your business stand for and why you’re doing what you’re doing on your business, it’s easier to start enhancing those issues on Pinterest.

The most important thing is to create a Pinterest profile that will attract your target audience.

However, before you can do that you should know your brand personality because you want to attract only those people who will resonate with your brand message.

Here are few great articles about brand personality, check them out





Start developing a bespoke tone to your brand voice. Do not try to appeal everyone on Pinterest.


Concrete steps:

  • Re-write your Pinterest bio to be aligned with your mission statement. Other pinners would like to know what you do, who you work with and what you offer to them.

  • Add your best call-to-action (a link) at the end of your bio.

  • Include your 1- 2 most relevant keywords in your Pinterest name and to your bio description.


2. Start blogging


If you don’t have a blog yet start blogging now. No matter what is your niche or industry, start a blog. That's probably my best advice concerning content creation for Pinterest. Hah!

Creating content and blogging is one of the best ways to utilize Pinterest for your personal brand.

If you are able to write captivating and interesting blog posts, there are high chances that someone influential on Pinterest will see those blog posts and start repinning them.

That way your content gets shared via Pinterest and it will expand your reach tremendously.

It’s important to share your own content consistently which means you'll need to create it consistently, too.

Make sure that you write blog posts on things that people are searching for on Pinterest and what they would like to read. Give solutions to your target audience’s problems that they face.

Great content gets discovered and also shared on Pinterest. If you do not see progress on Pinterest, change your content strategy!


 3. Have a consistent look and feel


Start creating a coherent and consistent look on Pinterest. Strong visuals are making the difference!

Use consistent colors, style and the tone of your writing when you create your pins.

Your brand will be remembered if it’s consistent. When people see your branded pins, they automatically connect them to your brand and your brand recognition grows.

Your graphics, visuals, and pins should be eye-catching or otherwise, pinners are not going to repin them.

The more pinners will see your branded pins on Pinterest, the higher probability that they will remember you when they will need your products or services next time.


Concrete steps:

  • Create pin templates (or buy ready-made templates*) that have your brand colors, your font choices, your logo, overlays, borders and other unique elements to your brand.

  • Add text to your graphics describing the content of your pin. Use large font which is easy to read.

  • Use Canva to create your branded pins.


Templates* make pinning easy for you, and your audience should be able to instantly recognize your marketing collaterals and pins.

On Pinterest, you can create board covers but they are not necessary. However, I always recommend that you change your board cover image to represent your brand colors or otherwise your aesthetics on Pinterest.


4. Pin content daily


You may have heard the saying that it takes at least an average of 7 interactions with a new customer before they are even thinking about purchasing from you.

If you don’t show your own content often enough, people won’t have opportunities to buy your products or services.

I recommend that you create a posting schedule for your Pinterest content. It’s really easy to do with Tailwind which is a pin scheduler. You can try the first month free: Tailwind.*

Tailwind will schedule your content to Pinterest so that it goes to the boards on the most optimized times when your followers and other Pinterest users are online.

Tailwind has other great features too which will help you to monitor your brand awareness and recognition on Pinterest.

...But it’s almost as important to share others’ content on Pinterest, too.

By sharing others’ content you give a personal and friendly feeling to your followers. This one is a biggie for me as a business owner because “Sharing is caring”.


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Concrete steps:

Create relevant boards for your own content and include keywords to the title of that board and also to its description.

When other pinners search similar content than yours on Pinterest your content will show up higher in search results if you have used relevant keywords.


5. Pinterest keyword optimization (Pinterest SEO)


Pinterest keywords help you to promote your personal brand on Pinterest.

Pinterest is like Google, a search engine. You should make sure that your own content is optimized with the relevant keywords when you create it.

Read more how to find best keywords for your personal brand and how to search those keywords on Pinterest

Pinterest boards and keywords


Concrete steps:

  • Brainstorm and search 10 best keyword combination for your personal brand.

  • Make a list of which places you should always put the most important keywords when you create pins and pin them to your boards.

  • Create hashtags that are relevant to your brand only and include those to the end of your pin descriptions.


6. Fresh and accurate content and info


Make sure that all your personal info and content on Pinterest is updated and accurate.

If someone looks at your Pinterest profile and there is an old photo of you or old location, it does not strengthen your brand value - quite the opposite.


Concrete steps:

  • Create a moodboard for your personal brand; include your brand colors, words that make up who you are. Keep that moodboard updated and remember to update your Pinterest profile and bio, too!

  • If you’re in need of a personal branding photoshoot, check out my brand photography packages.


7. Be unique, be you


When creating your content to Pinterest be unique and interesting.

Do not copy content that someone else has already pinned to Pinterest but instead make it look like you.

Pinners want to connect with you, a person behind your brand. Start sharing your views, your perspective, and your personality.

Curate your boards so that they will show your aesthetic preferences and what your personal brand stands for.


Concrete steps:

Create personal niche boards that are showing your personality and aesthetic style. Make sure that they are aligned with people you’re marketing to, not just for yourself.


I hope you'll find these tips helpful when building your personal brand on Pinterest!

If you need help to build your personal brand recognition on Pinterest, let's talk!

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