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I started my Pinterest journey as an influencer which basically meant lots of affiliate marketing and frivolous pinning. I've tried and tested things and strategies with my own account for years. I took different Pinterest courses and studied hundreds (or thousands?) articles, blog posts and podcasts about Pinterest marketing. I was able to drive massive amount of traffic to my (now old) DIY + lifestyle blog, received lots of collaboration enquiries, and was able to monetise the blog. 

Now I want to teach my Pinterest secrets to people who are future Pinterest superstars; tastemakers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and companies that are passionate in what they're doing.



BTW, my Pinterest account has over 660 000 followers, and 700,000+ people view my Pinterest profile DAILY.

My Pinterest account is viewed by over 13 million people each month. 

E-mail me if you'd want to collaborate. 

Petra Veikkola  –  Pinterest expert

Petra Veikkola

Pinterest Expert


I'm a mom, wife, photographer, lawyer, traveller, visualist, and Pinterest expert. I cherish authenticity, simplicity, and mindfulness in my life and business. 

I'm a rational thinker but creative doer. I passionately know that Pinterest is for everyone. I got excited when I share my Pinterest secrets with enthusiastic business owners, creatives, and bloggers. I have been a Pinterest addict for many years. It won't stop. 


My Pinterest account has 660 000+ followers,

over 1,5 million daily impressions,

and over 13 million monthly viewers.  


I create branded visuals and social media strategies to help entrepreneurs maintain beautiful and consistent social media aesthetics. 


Don't hesitate to contact me as I love getting messages! 



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